Step 1.  Submit your video by of 7 minutes or less by ONE of the following methods:

1.) RECORD a video now with our self recorder
2.) UPLOAD an existing video from your phone or computer; or
3.) If you have the video already ONLINE, enter the link to the video.

Now that you have decided which method you will use to submit your video, click the TAKE NOTES button to write any notes on what you'd like to say in your video. This will be your script you will refer to if recording a new video.  If you are on your phone, please proceed directly to STEP 2 below.

Take Notes

Step 2. If you are recording a new video now, click RECORD Video to activate your camera.

Step 3. RECORD your video now. (If you are recording on your phone,click the grey bar that says RECORD, record your video, then click UPLOAD to upload it to our portal.)

Again, if you have an existing video to UPLOAD or if you already have the link to the video ONLINE you wish to submit, upload it or enter the link to the video in the appropriate field field instead. Only submit your video by ONE of the three methods.

Step 1 of 4 - Record Your Video

  • Click RECORD to start your recording. Be sure to allow your camera and microphone access to record if requested. If on your phone, once you finish recording, click UPLOAD to upload your recording.
  • Accepted file types: mov, mov, mp4, mp4, mov, mov, mp4, mp4, mov, mov, mov, mov, mp4, mp4, mp4, mp4.
    If you have an existing 7 minute video, upload it here. Click CHOOSE FILE above, then UPLOAD your video. If you don't have an existing video, or if you have just recorded one with the recorder above, you may skip this question and keep going.
  • Do you have an EXISTING VIDEO ALREADY ONLINE 7 minutes in length or less you would like to submit instead? If so, enter the link in the space provided above.
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